Todt on Michael Schumacher: "I won't leave him alone"

02-06-2021 11:20 | Updated: 02-06-2021 15:48
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Todt on Michael Schumacher: I won't leave him alone

The situation regarding Michael Schumacher is being followed closely and with a lot of effort by many people. Not much about the situation of the German F1 and Ferrari legend comes out. Still we sometimes hear from some people that they have the time to visit him. Like Jean Todt, president of the FIA.

It is difficult, especially for people who are not so close to Michael Schumacher, to assess how he is doing at the moment. For people who are close to the German it is difficult enough to see him. In an interview with Todt said that he is still able to visit Schumacher a few times a month.

"I see Michael at least twice a month. I don't leave him alone. Him, Corinna, the family: we've been through a lot together. The beauty of what we have lived is a part of us and continues. In addition, I am also proud to have founded the brain and spinal cord research institute to which Michael Schumacher contributed."

Todt on Mick Schumacher

And of course, where Michael is asked about, Mick cannot be left out next. The Haas rookie is having a difficult start to the season, but according to Tody this is not down to the driver himself. "He's humble and polite. For now, unfortunately, his ambitions are limited by an uncompetitive car," said the Frenchman.

Certainly this year that is not going to change for the German and teammate Mazepin. Haas has its sights firmly set on 2022, when the rules will change. Until then it will be survival for the young German and Russian.

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