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Sainz gives Norris a taste of his own medicine: 'Let's see if I'm right'

Sainz gives Norris a taste of his own medicine: 'Let's see if I'm right'

01-06-2021 20:36 Last update: 21:17


In Monaco former teammates Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris were on the podium next to Max Verstappen. Prior to the race, Norris had already predicted that Sainz could score high in Monaco. And he was right.

Battle for third place

McLaren and Ferrari will decide who will be the third team behind Red Bull and Mercedes this season. There are only two points between the two teams who don't really have to look forward or backwards in the championship anymore. In Monaco, Ferrari was the faster, but in Baku, it could be the other way around. At least, that's what Sainz is predicting.

He particularly thinks McLaren will come out strong with the Mercedes engine because of the long straights. "He has a rocket on the straights," quote Motorsport.com the Spaniard. "I think in Baku we won't be the best on that long straight, but if we can make up time on the tight stretch, we should be fine," Sainz nuanced again a bit.

Bet on Norris

If Sainz has to bet money on the race in Baku, it will still be on his former teammate. "I think the one who should be excited about Baku right now is my friend Lando Norris, because the car is definitely not bad. He was not bad at Monza last year, not bad at Monaco. So maybe I'll bet on him."

Sainz also makes a brief reference to Norris' comment about Sainz's chances of winning at Monte Carlo. "You know, he put pressure on me before going into the Monaco weekend and said I might have a chance to win. He was right of course, now let's see if I'm right about Baku."

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