Sainz the new favourite at Ferrari? 'Serious candidate for the future'

31-05-2021 08:26 | Updated: 31-05-2021 09:43
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Sainz the new favourite at Ferrari? 'Serious candidate for the future'

Carlos Sainz's scintillating result at the Monaco Grand Prix once again turned the focus of many a Formula One connoisseur on the Spanish driver. With his podium finish in the principality, Scott Mitchell, journalist at the Race, now argues that Sainz has once again proven himself as a serious candidate for the future.

In his analysis for The Race, Mitchell argues that Sainz deserves to be recognised as a top driver, even if he lacks the reputation that young talents like Max Verstappen do. Mitchell: "Sainz has never had the reputation of a Max Verstappen or a Charles Leclerc but he deserves to be taken seriously as a top F1 prospect, one who will grow to win races and maybe even fight for the world championship."

Good at McLaren, good at Ferrari

While pundits expected Ferrari crown prince Charles Leclerc to cement his reputation by forcing Sainz into a second driver-role after doing the same to Sebastian Vettel, the opposite seems to be have happened. The Spaniard secured Ferrari's first podium in 2021 at Monaco, where Leclerc walloped his car during qualifying and could kiss pole position goodbye. "Anyone who thought he’d be shown up by Leclerc at Ferrari must concede that hasn’t happened" Mitchell added.

The new situation at McLaren, where drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo have started the 2021 season significantly differently, also speaks in Sainz's favour, according to Mitchell: "Anyone not convinced by what Sainz achieved at McLaren should probably reappraise him in light of Norris comprehensively beating Daniel Ricciardo early in 2021."

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