Russell on "dull" Monaco Grand Prix

24-05-2021 08:01
Russell on dull Monaco Grand Prix

George Russell finished a "dull" Monaco Grand Prix P14, a position that is no better or worse than what he and his team ahd predicted. The low speed nature of the Monaco streets doesn't suit the Williams who are hoping that Baku will be more to their liking. 

“It was really tricky, we finished where we expected really more or less,” he said in the media pen.

“We just didn’t really have the pace this whole weekend which made the race very tricky, but nevertheless it was always great fun driving around these streets, but ultimately we want to get the result.

“It was a dull race for everyone and relatively dull from within, nothing too exciting. So that is Monaco sometimes, and we go to Baku [next].”

Russell and Williams knew that Monaco was never going to play to their strengths.

“We knew before this weekend that we struggle low-speed, these high sensitivity corners, and our rivals Alfa [Romeo] that is where they excel,” he admitted.

“To be honest everything was pretty much as we expected it really, the performance wasn’t fantastic from my side, I think I was a little bit off the pace.

“But result wise even if I was half-a-second a lap quicker I would have been in the same position.”

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