Verstappen: 'Think this is my best chance'

20-05-2021 06:26 | Updated: 20-05-2021 08:38
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Verstappen: 'Think this is my best chance'

Max Verstappen is gearing up for the Monaco Grand Prix, where he hopes to strike back in the title fight. Lewis Hamilton won two races in a row, so the Dutchman has to fight back. In Monaco, Verstappen has never been on the podium before.

Pressure on Red Bull

The RB16B car came through the final sector very well in Barcelona and generally Red Bull score well on tracks like Monaco. Mercedes of course also pointed directly to Verstappen, but the Red Bull driver himself doesn't want to do that.

Yet Verstappen himself sees this as a great opportunity for victory. ''I think this will be my best chance. It is incredibly tight. You really feel it when you drive on the limit and set a good lap. It's great when you can do that. Especially the fast laps in qualifying are exciting,'' Verstappen said according to the NOS.

Verstappen critical

The Dutchman never had a perfect weekend in Monaco. Twice he finished in the wall, and the other times he did not end up on the podium. ''It was ups and downs. Sometimes it was down to the material, but I've also made big mistakes myself. It is cruical that we have a flawless weekend. I know from experience how important that is.

''We still need to tune the car and find the optimal balance, but it's good and that wasn't the case in 2016 and 2018. The gap between us and Mercedes is tiny, so there are opportunities. Provided we do well on Saturday'', Verstappen stressed the oh-so-important qualifying session on the streets of Monaco.

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