Ricciardo: 'People are probably tipping their hats to Hamilton now'

16-05-2021 19:47 | Updated: 16-05-2021 21:12
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Ricciardo: 'People are probably tipping their hats to Hamilton now'

Daniel Ricciardo, the man who seems to have found his feet after his move to McLaren at the start of the season, gives his view on the title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in a new interview.

“A lot of people are probably tipping their hat to Lewis”, Ricciardo began, as quoted by Autosport.com. “He's getting it dished back at him and he's holding his ground. And, I guess, showing people that maybe doubted him, why he is as good as he is.”

Asked who he rates as favourite for the title, Ricciardo still has to choose the experienced Hamilton. "“At this stage, you'd always, I guess, take experience", he said.

Respect for Verstappen

Nevertheless, the Australian also sees the qualities of his former teammate and direct challenger to Lewis Hamilton. Ricciardo: “So if it was really down to the wire, then I think Lewis has shown some strong signs. But then again, if there's a gap, Max goes for it. That's why obviously I respect Max a lot.”

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