A sprint race during the Azerbaijan GP as well? In Baku they hope so

15-05-2021 13:12 | Updated: 15-05-2021 14:59
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A sprint race during the Azerbaijan GP as well? In Baku they hope so

As is widely known, F1 will try out the sprint race format three times this year. Respectively Britain, Italy and Brazil will have the honour to be the first to start with the new experiment. Other circuits are of course also interested in organising such a sprint race weekend, as is Baku.

Arif Rahimov advocate

Arif Rahimov, executive director of Baku City Circuit, says to Autosport.com that he is open to it. "I know it's been opposed by a few of the drivers, and they think it's quite risky. To be honest, I think any change would be kind of welcomed, and any experiments would be good," Rahimov said.

Rahimov understands that the reactions to the sprint races vary, but he is positive about it. "Thinking that experimenting with the race weekend format is a good thing in general, just to mix things around and make it more interesting for the spectators." However, it seems unlikely that there will be a fourth sprint race this year. In fact, only Silverstone has so far actually confirmed that there will be a sprint race. Italy and Brazil have yet to do so.

Contract extension Grand Prix Baku

The contract of the Baku City Circuit has been extended, much to Rahimov's delight, by one year until 2024. "We haven't yet started talking about the longer-term contracts. I think it's not a secret, that the way F1 is trying to do their contracts now, they're probably going to be three-year contracts from now on. I think they're trying to standardise it across different circuits. So no, we haven't started talking about the extension. We still have plenty of time to do that, and it shouldn't be a problem," concludes Rahimov.

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