Schumacher: "Obviously, I'd be unhappy if that wasn't the case this year"

14-05-2021 21:14 | Updated: 15-05-2021 08:51
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Schumacher: Obviously, I'd be unhappy if that wasn't the case this year

Haas is no doubt dissatisfied with the team's performance after the first four race weekends. Drivers Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin have been unable to provide any big surprises for the time being, which means they are at the bottom of the world championship table.

This season Haas took a gamble with both young drivers. While the car is not yet working optimally, both drivers are also struggling to keep the car on the track. Schumacher, however, is trying to look beyond the upcoming races and expects Haas to be capable of more as the season progresses.

Schumacher wants to reach Q2

Haas' qualifying is not good at the moment, with the team failing to reach Q2. Schumacher thinks this will still be possible for his team in the coming months. "It is totally a realistic goal. Obviously, I'd be unhappy if that wasn't the case this year. We're still pushing hard for it," he told

Schumacher has the belief that how Haas performs will also depend on the circuits. "There will be tracks that maybe come more our way. I think considering this track may be not one of our strongest, I think we still managed to obviously produce a very good laptime," he pointed to the Spanish Grand Prix.

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