Tsunoda must take a step back, 'he has incredibly big mouth'

12-05-2021 20:29
by GPblog.com
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Tsunoda must take a step back, 'he has incredibly big mouth'

AlphaTauri will be driving this season with well known driver Pierre Gasly and newcomer Yuki Tsunoda. This fast Japanese driver made a big impression at the first Grand Prix of the year by scoring points immediately. In the following races the Japanese didn't do so well and although we haven't seen or heard from him yet, he is already known to be rough.

Fireworks in Monaco

In the Formula 1-podcast of the NOS they look back on the Spanish Grand Prix, where Yuki Tsunoda also gets a look in. The Japanese didn't make it past Q1 and due to frustration he asked himself over the radio why. He also wondered if he was driving the same car as before. Later he apologized again, but it is typical Tsunoda and that can be fun.

Rudy van Buren, driver in the Porsche Carrera Cup, expects fireworks during the Monaco Grand Prix. As it is an unrelenting circuit it will be a challenge for the outspoken Japanese driver, especially as he sometimes pushes too hard. Van Buren says: "The first race was of course very good, after that it was a bit difficult. Last weekend we had some excesses on the radio. I think we are going to see fireworks in Monaco. Literally."

Big mouth

When asked afterwards, Van Buren explained why he expects fireworks around Tsunoda and according to the driver it is because of the Japanese driver's personality. "He has an incredibly big mouth and often he shows on the track that he is simply very fast. In Formula 2 he also did those things; 'you shouldn't hit your teammate and who do you hit in your very first race?', things like that."

"But then again that's the charm of that kid, because he does just go fast. Now in Formula 1 it just starts... wanton is not the right word, but last weekend in qualifying you can of course hear him going pretty loose over the radio to the team, which is heard worldwide. Then in the evening another apology is sent, but he needs to take two steps back, because the kid is really fast."

Pushing too hard

There's no doubt that Tsunoda is fast and good, but he wants too much. That's kind of the conclusion that is being drawn. The Japanese driver needs to slow down a bit as it seems he is simply pushing too hard. This because he sees a gap with Gasly, which he wants to close.

"That's the hitch, he's probably pushing like hell, just the times aren't coming out. Gasly is fifth with that car and he is fifteenth at the time, figuratively speaking. And then you hear him screaming: 'I don't trust that car, I don't understand this', and all those kind of terms come out. But step back and strike", says van Buren in conclusion.

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