Verstappen lacks backing: 'Perez failed last weekend'

12-05-2021 12:03 | Updated: 12-05-2021 13:26
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Verstappen lacks backing: 'Perez failed last weekend'

With an eighth place in qualifying and a fifth place in the race, Sergio Perez failed to do what is actually expected of him; support Max Verstappen in the battle for the world title.

Verstappen lacks back up

Although Red Bull Racing also lacked the speed to make things really difficult for Mercedes in Spain, it also didn't help that Verstappen once again had to fight the battle against Mercedes alone. "It was overwhelmingly two against one yes," analyses Robert Doornbos at "As it has often been in Mercedes' favour in recent years."

With Perez unable to connect with Verstappen and Mercedes, there were fewer strategic options for Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. "Precisely because of that, Mercedes could put more pressure and try different strategies. Perez did fail a little bit last weekend in my opinion, his presence could have at least made a difference."

Shoulder problems

Perez admitted after the race that he suffered from shoulder problems on Saturday, which prevented his qualifying from being optimal. "Well. I think it's mainly about the pressure on his shoulders..." Doornbos jokes with a wink.

Still, the pressure on Perez will not be less. Prior to the season he said he needed five races to get used to it and that fifth race is coming up in Monaco next week. "I have to say Checo has picked one for his fifth race as well.... If you can't do that one lap in Monaco on Saturday and can't start in the top-four, then it's already starting to get tricky. So yes, he's been brought in by Red Bull for Sunday, but of course that starts with that one Q3 lap on Saturday."

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