Russell: 'We have to be satisfied with the job we did today'

09-05-2021 18:18
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Russell: 'We have to be satisfied with the job we did today'

George Russell finished in 14th place in today's Spanish Grand Prix, yet was running in tenth-place and was fighting for a point late on in the race. The Brit qualified in P15 on Saturday and comes out of the race weekend feeling satisfied to a certain point.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Russell explained how the car felt good to him despite his 14th place finish. "We have to be satisfied with the job we did today. The car in the race today felt good and I felt really confident, however, the result doesn’t quite reflect that, as we started P15 and finished P14."

He was part of the midfield battle today, with a large number of drivers fighting for a points finish in the final few laps of the race. Russell explained how the tightness of the cars come to the end of the race, resulted in it being hard to compete and hold his position. "We were on the one-stop and the guys around us were on the two-stop. I was battling with Fernando (Alonso) trying to pass him and the guys behind me were on the brand-new soft tyres which were much faster. As soon as I got passed by one, they all came past."

Gave it his all

He then added that the car and tyres had been put to the maximum they could be with Williams one-stop strategy, saying, "the tyres were on the limit, I was on the limit and the car was on the limit. That was the maximum and I am really pleased we opted with that strategy as it gave us half a chance."

Everyone is hopeful

Russell finished off by saying that the results will be there for Williams to take soon in the race weekends in the future.

"We were so close to a much better result and hopefully we have more of these race weekends. To be battling there on merit was a great job."

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