Norris content with performance: 'I think it was expected really'

09-05-2021 16:51
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Norris content with performance: 'I think it was expected really'

Lando Norris finished out of the top five for the first time this season, earlier today, but the McLaren driver knew it was coming.

When talking to Sky Sports, he was asked if the race today was a tough one. "It was but I think it was expected really. So, no surprises. Just very difficult to pass or even get close into DRS in the final sector. It's pretty tough. I think that was proved."

"The strategy, in the end, the two stop getting past Ocon, was the only thing we could do. Although it didn't look good we did the best we could do."

Black and white flag shown

Norris was shown the black and white flag when involved in a battle with Carlos Sainz. The young Brit was said to be weaving around whilst Sainz was about to attempt an overtake, after the final straight, at Turn 1. Norris explained how no bad moves were intended. "I was defending from Carlos and then I moved over again slightly which I wasn't meant to do. I knew he was coming past so it's just the way it was and I didn't mean anything."

Struggles in qualifying

Norris could only best a P9 in qualifying action yesterday and the McLaren driver blamed some of his poor struggles today due to this, compared to his teammate Daniel Ricciardo and Ferarri.

"We didn't show our potential yesterday from my side and Daniel did. He finished P6 and we knew the Ferrari's have been quick all year. I don't know why people underestimate them so much. They have been one of the quickest cars in cornering all year."

"So, when you come to a track where there are long straights and things then we know they would be quick. We could have matched them on qualifying pace yesterday but when we rely on the rear of the car then we would have struggled."

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