Team boss of McLaren does not want to compare Norris, Verstappen and Hamilton yet

06-05-2021 08:52 | Updated: 06-05-2021 10:42
Team boss of McLaren does not want to compare Norris, Verstappen and Hamilton yet

Andreas Seidl thinks it is too early to make comparisons between Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Lando Norris. The 45-year old McLaren team chief says that the achievements of Norris and Verstappen are nothing compared to what Hamilton has already won and experienced.

According to Seidl, it is not yet possible to make a good comparison between Norris, Verstappen and Hamilton. In conversation with RTL, the team boss of the Woking-based team states that it is far too early to draw any conclusions. "You can't make that comparison with Hamilton yet anyway," he said. Hamilton, at 36 years old and seven world titles, is a little further along in his career than Verstappen and Norris, who are both still at the beginning of their journey in motorsport.

The three men now occupy positions one, two and three in the world championship, but Seidl avoids any comparison. He does praise Norris for his performance in 2021. The young Briton is impressing with his speed in qualifying and his racecraft on Sundays.

Norris flies

"It's great to see how he has asserted himself in all three of the first races of 2021. He has found a higher gear this year compared to his previous years," said the German chief, who went on to state that Norris is hugely adept at wanting to get better and is willing to do anything to do so.

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