Daily Mail reveals: 'Bottas replaced by Russell before the end of the season'

04-05-2021 10:10 | Updated: 04-05-2021 10:28
by GPblog.com
Daily Mail reveals: 'Bottas replaced by Russell before the end of the season'

Revealing news about Mercedes. According to the British Daily Mail, Valtteri Bottas would be fired by Mercedes before the end of the season. George Russell would then become the new teammate of Lewis Hamilton.

Concerns about Bottas

The British newspaper bases the news on an anonymous source at Mercedes. According to this Mercedes engineer, the team is reportedly losing confidence in Bottas. "There is some unrest in the factory about Valtteri," said the anonymous source. "He's not ready, which was made clearer by the work we saw Russell do in Bahrain."

The fact that Bottas' results at Mercedes have been disappointing is not in itself new. In the time that Bottas and Hamilton drove together at Mercedes, Hamilton won 44 races and Bottas only nine. When Russell replaced Hamilton in Bahrain for one race last season, the young Briton clearly outperformed Bottas in the race.

Fierce battle for constructors' title

Bottas' premature dismissal would be due to the fiercest battle for the constructors' title in a long time. With a stronger Red Bull Racing and the fierce battle between Max Verstappen and Hamilton, Mercedes will not have an easy time winning the title this season. A strong second driver alongside Hamilton is, therefore, more necessary than ever.

The final decision will be made by Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff who so far continues to openly support Bottas. Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon always received the same open support at Red Bull Racing, and we know what came of it...

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