Verstappen did not get all updates: "Only Perez drove with the full package"

03-05-2021 14:24 | Updated: 03-05-2021 21:03
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Verstappen did not get all updates: Only Perez drove with the full package

Red Bull Racing's second and fourth-place finishes in Portugal were the best team results of the season so far. The team had several updates this weekend, but the question is whether they had the desired effect.

Red Bull Racing loses speed

Red Bull came to Portugal with a big package of aerodynamic updates. The team had updated the front wing, the baffles, the underside and the diffuser. Whether the updates had the desired effect remains to be seen, because Mercedes really had the upper hand this weekend.

Hamilton also noticed this. "Red Bull has lost some speed rather than us gaining something. For some reason they have made a move towards us," he quoted Auto Motor und Sport. As Mercedes themselves had few updates in Portugal, it seems that Red Bull Racing's updates did not do their job as expected.

Fewer updates for Verstappen

Although Red Bull Racing had a comprehensive package of updates, not everyone drove with the same updates. "Only Perez drove with the full package. Max did it without the wing, " revealed Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko. There was also a difference between the two drivers at Mercedes. There only Valtteri Bottas drove with the new front wing and Hamilton with the old one.

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