Respect for Red Bull: "Especially brave, very brave even"

02-05-2021 10:37 | Updated: 02-05-2021 12:27
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Respect for Red Bull: Especially brave, very brave even

Red Bull Racing will take over the current Honda engine next season and wants to race with its own engine from 2025 onwards. With Red Bull Powertrains the team has big ambitions for the future. Zak Brown looks at the project with great interest.

Red Bull's ambitions are being closely watched by other Formula 1 teams. McLaren's CEO is also following it with above interest. "I think their decision is particularly courageous, very courageous even," he tells Motorsport. "I also think they can make the project a success. Red Bull is a great racing organization and they have an extraordinary amount of resources at their disposal."

It immediately raises the question whether McLaren will take on a similar project in the future. Brown thinks not. "Because Red Bull can take over the existing engines, intellectual property and part of the infrastructure from Honda, this is feasible. If you have to set everything up from scratch, you'll be much more expensive," said Brown, who thinks it won't be easy for Red Bull. "You get an extraordinary amount on your plate if you want to set up an additional organisation like this with hundreds of employees. Having said that, Red Bull do bring in very talented people now."

McLaren in Portimao

McLaren's performance at the Portuguese Grand Prix has been mixed for the time being. Whereas Lando Norris secured seventh place on the grid, Daniel Ricciardo got no further than P16.

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