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Briatore enjoys Verstappen: ''Red Bull is really a challenger now''

Briatore enjoys Verstappen: ''Red Bull is really a challenger now''

27-04-2021 09:40 Last update: 10:06


Ferrari have clearly made a step forward in 2021 and look set to battle it out with McLaren for P3 among the constructors. However, Flavio Briatore sees the Italians taking a big risk.

In 2020 Ferrari fell way back after having to scale back the engine. In 2021, Ferrari have a new engine and a better chassis, and it's paying off immediately. Ferrari is fighting with McLaren for P3, but is the team really doing that? Briatore doesn't think so and sees the team taking a big risk.

Pressure on Ferrari

''The season has barely started and they are already talking about 2022. They take the risk of missing out on P3 in the Constructors' standings, while they had set this as their target for this year. That's hard enough, despite the two strong drivers they have with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz,'' Briatro told La Politica nel Pallone.

''The car is overwhelmingly more competitive than the one in 2020. However, what Ferrari is really worth we will only see in 2022 when Formula 1 starts with new regulations. Then we will see if a third or fourth place is perhaps the maximum for Ferrari.''

Hamilton versus Verstappen

Briatore is critical of Ferrari, but a lot less critical of Formula 1. Indeed, a duel between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen looks set to unfold in 2021, keeping the former Benetton and Renault team boss on the edge of his seat.

''After years of duels fought out internally within the Mercedes team, the fans will now finally see a duel between two teams again. Max Verstappen now has a competitive car. The Red Bull's aerodynamics are superior to Mercedes'. Max is a spectacular driver, an absolute top driver. Red Bull is now a real challenger'', concludes the flamboyant Italian.

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