Brown: "People have wanted to see what happens in the Formula 1 paddock for years"

24-04-2021 10:03 | Updated: 24-04-2021 12:22
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Brown: People have wanted to see what happens in the Formula 1 paddock for years

McLaren CEO Zak Brown says the Netflix series Drive to Survive is helping boost Formula One's popularity in the United States. Meanwhile, Drive to Survive has already released three seasons and another is already in the works.

Brown recognised because of the Netflix series

Brown experienced the popularity himself when he met a television presenter in a restaurant in New York. "He came up to me in a restaurant. A nice guy who likes McLaren. And the first thing he said to me was, 'I've seen you on Netflix!' So I think it makes quite a difference, at least in the US," Brown said in a conversation with

According to Brown, it's pretty easy to explain why the Netflix series has become a hit. It's because Formula 1 was a very closed sport for a long time. "You couldn't see inside," says Brown.

F1 has opened doors

It's a big difference from American racing classes like IndyCar or NASCAR. Brown says fans there are already able to watch a lot more. "People have wanted to see what happens in the Formula One paddock for years, but they weren't allowed to. Now we have opened our doors and people are amazed," concludes Brown.

Formula 1 has undergone a major change since Bernie Ecclestone left the helm. New owners Liberty Media are providing more online activities. F1's YouTube channel, for example, is currently the fastest-growing channel of any major sports championship.

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