Confidence in Ferrari: "The 2021 car has more power"

23-04-2021 11:22 | Updated: 23-04-2021 11:37
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Confidence in Ferrari: The 2021 car has more power

Ferrari is clearly on the rise compared to last year. The Italian team scored 22 points in Imola and was satisfied with that. Motorsport journalist David Tremayne however states that this performance is not nearly enough.

The journalist writes on "The 2021 car has more power and better rear-end grip, and two really strong, committed drivers who will exploit every improvement," states Tremayne, who likens the combination between Sainz and Leclerc to that of Gilles Villeneuve and Didier Pironi. "Gilles was the team’s darling, and Didier the highly rated incomer who was beginning to make his mark. I think they make a very strong driver line-up, and each can only get better still as their experience increases."

Despite this, Tremayne expects the pressure on the Ferrari's to increase in the coming months, as expectations among fans are high. "At a time when harmony, positive thinking and results are critical to success, none of them face an easy task. There is arguably greater pressure on the team to succeed than on any other."

Opening race Bahrain

Fourth and fifth places in Imola were already better than the performance in the opening race. At the Bahrain GP, Leclerc achieved sixth position, while Sainz was no further than eighth. For now, Ferrari is fourth in the constructors' standings with 34 points, just behind McLaren.

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