Hill agrees with Russell on one point: "They should consider that next time"

22-04-2021 20:38 | Updated: 22-04-2021 21:20
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Hill agrees with Russell on one point: They should consider that next time

The biggest point of discussion after the race was assigning blame in the incident between George Russell and Valtteri Bottas. This was mainly because Russell was so incredibly angry. Almost everyone came to the conclusion that it was his own fault. Yet Damon Hill does see a point where Russell is right.

And that is the issue of DRS. Which, according to the Williams driver, should not have been made available at that time. "That's something they [the stewards] should consider next time," said Hill in the F1 Nation podcast. "I'm sure George, as chairman of the GPDA, will address that at the next meeting."

DRS will be addressed

Hill does agree with the consensus that Russell was the main culprit in the crash, but the fact that the DRS was open is an important nuance. "When the DRS is open, you don't have enough load on the rear wheels and they just slip in a wet spot like that."

When Hill angered Russell so much, he was reminded of Michael Schumacher. He crashed into the back of David Coulthard in the pouring rain at the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix and he too was extremely angry. "I have never seen Michael so angry. I think sometimes a fearful moment like that turns into anger and then you try to blame someone else," Hill said.

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