Perez looks down his nose at Verstappen: 'He tries to drive like Max'

16-04-2021 06:58 | Updated: 16-04-2021 08:45
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Perez looks down his nose at Verstappen: 'He tries to drive like Max'

Red Bull Racing is currently the fastest team in Formula 1. That is the opinion of Lawrence Barretto and Will Buxton prior to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. The state of mind of Max Verstappen can be explained completely according to them.

Verstappen in good form

The Bahrain Grand Prix was won by Lewis Hamilton, but it was Max Verstappen who had the fastest car in the race. The Dutchman came to the Imola circuit in good spirits, despite his defeat in Bahrain.

''Who is the best team in Formula 1 Lawrence?", Buxton asks in the Weekend Warm-Up to his colleague, while the latter points to the Red Bull Racing logo in reply. ''They are indeed. In qualifying and in the race, and that's why Verstappen was in such good form today. Because he knows he has the car to compete,'' says Barretto.

Perez learns from Verstappen

Not only Verstappen has this car, but also teammate Sergio Perez, who according to Buxton has looked at Verstappen a lot. ''He knows every time he goes to a race that he can win. However, he did say that he has had to completely adapt his driving style for this car. He has really watched and learned from the way Verstappen drives and tried to drive just like that, rather than making his way of driving work for the car,'' the reporter said.

That way of driving seems to be a better choice, as Alexander Albon and Pierre Gasly couldn't manage it with their own driving style. ''Perez should also be able to do that with his experience, although he did indicate that he needs four or five races for this,'' Barretto said. Buxton is therefore hugely looking forward to Perez's future performance, having already impressed in Bahrain. ''Just think what he can do after those four races.''

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