Marko doesn't think about the lead: 'Back on level with Mercedes in Imola'

08-04-2021 07:01 | Updated: 08-04-2021 10:11
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Marko doesn't think about the lead: 'Back on level with Mercedes in Imola'

Red Bull Racing got off to a good start in Bahrain for the 2021 Formula One season. Victory went to Mercedes, but Red Bull had the fastest car. Helmut Marko says that this season will be the toughest ever.

2021 is actually a transition year for Formula 1. In 2022 the big rule changes are scheduled, which were planned for 2021. Due to the coronavirus crisis these changes have been postponed for a year and the cars used in 2021 will be the same as those used in 2020. However, that didn't quite work out.

Difficult year for Red Bull

The regulations have changed slightly and the floor and diffuser have had to be modified. So there's still room in the current cars and the teams will be keen to update them. However, there is also an important balance to be maintained, as the budget cap means that money cannot be spent carelessly and at some point the switch must be made to the 2022 design.

''This means we have to do everything we can to become champions this year, without losing sight of 2022. We actually have to do both things at the same time, but that's difficult. It will be a feat to make both projects successful,'' Marko said in a video from

A win for Verstappen now

Where other teams may already be more likely to choose to shift attention to 2022, Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, in the battle for the world title, must take every opportunity to make another update. Marko, however, is happy with where his team currently stands.

''I believe that with the package we have now, a good chassis that responds well to everything and a competitive engine, we will be on a par with Mercedes again in Imola. But we also know after Bahrain: against Mercedes you can only strike if you are faultless. Everything has to be right. We assume that the proportions will be similar to those in Bahrain, hopefully with the podium reversed and a win for Max,'' concludes the Austrian.

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