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F1 Social Stint | Is Sainz inspired by Raikkonen in new video?

F1 Social Stint | Is Sainz inspired by Raikkonen in new video?

31-03-2021 07:06 Last update: 31-03-2021 07:06


The first Grand Prix of 2021 is over and with three weeks until the next race in Imola, the drivers have some time to recover from all the first impressions of this season. GPblog's F1 Social Stint finds out what drivers and teams do around a Grand Prix.

Is Sainz inspired by Raikkonen in new video?

Carlos Sainz has just finished his first Grand Prix for Ferrari. Time for the Tifosi to get to know the Spaniard better in possibly the shortest and fastest Q&A you will ever see. Would Sainz have seen many interviews with Kimi Raikkonen?

Verstappen could only be in one place during Easter

Max Verstappen hopes that his followers have had a nice Easter, he says on Twitter. Verstappen himself and his family were of course at the circuit. According to the Dutchman, there is no other place for him and his family to spend the holidays.

Mercedes wants to go back in time already

Mercedes have had a week to reflect on their victory in Bahrain, but that hasn't quite sunk in yet. The Mercedes Twitter account looks back at the victory and would love to go back in time to relive that moment.

Schumacher relaxes: "First swim of the year"

After the Formula 1 race in Bahrain, we have to wait three long weeks for the next Grand Prix in Italy. It is a perfect time for the drivers to put the season's start behind them and relax their minds. Mick Schumacher, who finished in last place with Haas in Bahrain, used his time to take a walk with his dog, which he then left in the water for a while. "First swim of the year', we read in the photo.

Because of this athlete Perez drives with number 11

Every driver has his own number in Formula 1, and for Sergio Perez that number is 11. He already used that number in karting, because his hero played with that number. His hero was not an F1 driver, but a footballer called Ivan Zamorano. That player always played with number eleven and had his glory days between 1992 and 1996 with Real Madrid, after which he also played for Inter Milan and the Mexican América.

Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram

Een bericht gedeeld door Checo Pérez (@schecoperez)

Reserve driver jokes about Mazepin: 'Feeling a lot better'

Jack Aitken made his debut in Formula 1 in 2020 as a substitute for George Russell. The latter was to replace Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, making a dream come true for the Williams reserve driver. However, he spun during the race, but after Nikita Mazepin's spin at the Bahrain GP he says he feels a lot better. A remarkable dig at someone who was beaten by Mazepin in F2 and does not have a seat in Formula 1 himself.

Mercedes in high spirits: 'He only wins in the best car, right?'

Mercedes is in high spirits online after the Bahrain Grand Prix. On Mercedes' Twitter channel there have been several posts from the German team since the race. For example, it lashed out at Hamilton's critics who always say that he only wins in the best car, but Mercedes would also take a crack at the Evergreen.

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