Vettel puts Red Bull Racing and Ferrari experience to good use at Aston Martin

07-03-2021 11:36 | Updated: 07-03-2021 11:58
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Vettel puts Red Bull Racing and Ferrari experience to good use at Aston Martin

It is not often that such a great champion as Sebastian Vettel has to take a step back. Although there is a good chance that Aston Martin will be faster than Ferrari in 2021, you could still say that in a way this is a demotion for the German. That fact could make for a strange relationship between the team and the driver.

With Vettel taking his place alongside Lance Stroll, many people will assume that he will also be given the status of first driver. However, according to team boss Otmar Szafnauer, this is not the case.

"We have not had a number one or two since I have been here. We treat both drivers, Lance Stroll and Sebastian, equally. Always," the American told

Vettel also clashed with his teammates in the past

In the past this attitude has caused problems for the team. Especially between Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon the conflict got out of hand. Vettel also has his own experiences with Mark Webber and Charles Leclerc at Red Bull Racing and Ferrari. He also has a reputation for being quite demanding.

"I am not afraid of that. One of the reasons we chose Sebastian is precisely that desire to succeed, which he also puts into action off the track. We do that too, by the way - that is what earned us the reputation of performing above our capabilities," Szafnauer said.

A driver coming over from a top team also brings advantages. It is the first time since Giancarlo Fisichella that the Silverstone-based team has had such a driver and Vettel was able to point out some of the things that Red Bull Racing and Ferrari do differently.

"We will now look at that and improve in areas where it makes sense," concludes his new team boss.

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