Albers tough: 'Newey is done, Key is his best replacement'

07-03-2021 10:53 | Updated: 07-03-2021 11:18
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Albers tough: 'Newey is done, Key is his best replacement'

The recent revival of McLaren is not only thanks to team owner Zak Brown, a significant contribution was also made by chief designer James Key. Christijan Albers, Dutch former racer, thinks that Key will make an even bigger name for himself in the future, and predicts that he will be approached by the big teams on the grid soon enough.

Albers worked with Key at Midland and Spyker and describes him as follows, in conversation with "Key is not tough. He's just not that type, he needs to be guided a bit. But what does it matter? It's about how good the car is. I think he is  a talent, a genius. He can certainly develop further in his role as technical director."

The road to a top team

The Dutch racer believes Red Bull should make the British designer an offer, as the next step in their development as an absolute top team. They should have Adrian Newey, the team's current technical director, make way for Key, says Albers: "Adrian Newey is pretty much finished. At Red Bull, they need to start building the future. I see Key as the new Newey."

Albers would like to see what the talented Key can do at a team that knows how to position itself at the front of the grid. "I am very curious about that. What can he do with more budget and people? I think a lot." Until then, Albers foresees Key continuing to work for McLaren: "If he doesn't get a significantly better offer from a top team like Ferrari, I think he will stay there."

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