What can we expect from the Haas VF-21 unveiling?

04-03-2021 06:45
by GPblog.com
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What can we expect from the Haas VF-21 unveiling?

After this week's launches of Alpine F1 Team, Mercedes and Aston Martin, today it is Haas' turn to shine. The American Formula One team will unveil the new car they will be racing this year: the VF-21. In the run-up to this moment, Haas has shared very little, but we'll share what we do know.

Clean slate

Both Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen have left the team. Instead, Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin have joined the team as rookies and will compete in Formula 1 this year. So the line-up is completely new, but that is also the biggest change for the team so far. Although there might be some sponsorship, through one or both of the new drivers.

For a while there was talk of a possible collaboration between Haas and BWT, but according to rumours that is off the table. If that is not the case, the livery will not be bright pink. But what will it be? A few very small teasers have been shared, especially of the drivers in overall and they give away a little detail.

Black, white and red seem to be the team's fixed colours, as they were in 2020 against a fairly white car. In previous years, Haas' cars were slightly darker in colour, so it remains to be seen whether they will continue on the old or new livery.

Focus on 2022

Although today is obviously a special moment for Haas when they unveil the livery for 2021, they don't have too much hope for a successful season. Earlier Steiner said that there is a good chance that they will finish last this year. That is why the focus is already for a large part on 2022, because then the team has to be there right away.

Of course the VF-21 has undergone developments compared to the 2020 car, but another factor that plays a role in the success is the power source. Like Alfa Romeo, Haas is a Ferrari customer team. We all know that those power sources are far from the best at the moment and given that Haas can do little to change that, they have little choice but to be modest.

New livery and improvements

Today's unveiling is all about the livery, so that we at least get a clear idea of what the VF-21 will look like in the coming season. Whether Haas will reveal the changes to the car immediately remains to be seen, it could be that they save that for the filming day for example. But with all the above and earlier statements by Steiner in mind, a somewhat timid performance is to be expected. Unless, of course, the team has something up its sleeve.

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