Verstappen notices difference in new RB16B: "Of course there are changes"

25-02-2021 08:43 | Updated: 25-02-2021 10:09
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Verstappen notices difference in new RB16B: Of course there are changes

It was another first day at the track for Max Verstappen on Wednesday. The Dutchman came in action at Silverstone with his old RB15, but also the new RB16B of Red Bull Racing. There Verstappen immediately noticed the difference.

Red Bull Racing kicked off the season this week with a test day in the old RB15 for Sergio Perez on Tuesday and the presentation of the 'new' livery on the same day. On Wednesday Alexander Albon and Max Verstappen also came into action, using the new RB16B.

Verstappen notices difference immediately

''I am of course looking forward to the race weekends, but first we have the winter tests where we have to make a lot of metres to get used to the car. It will be short this year, but that's fine by me. Six days are long and boring. I hope I can drive that day and a half without any problems,'' Verstappen said in a video by Peter Windsor.

''The RB16B is of course a new car and you want to feel comfortable with it first. Of course there are changes. There is a bite out of the floor, so the car will always behave a bit differently then. However, it is not about the setup now. Right now it's about getting comfortable with the car and understanding the basics of the car. The rest you learn in Bahrain,'' concludes the Dutchman.

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