Red Bull Racing set to unveil the RB16B, what can we expect?

23-02-2021 07:30
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Red Bull Racing set to unveil the RB16B, what can we expect?

Red Bull Racing presents the RB16B on Tuesday. This is perhaps one of the most interesting reveals of the winter given it's expected to be Mercedes closest challenger. What can we expect from this reveal? 

In any case, we do not have to expect any big surprises regarding the livery. In fact, you could say that the global characteristics of their livery have never changed since their first season. Predominantly dark blue, a yellow nose and the large Red Bull logo on the side. Only the purple of Infinity a few years ago brought a significant change. Perhaps the red stripes and blue dots on the team clothing can also brighten up the livery this year.

Often, Red Bull Racing have opted to run a special livery for pre-season testing. It will be interesting if this is opted for again in 2021. 

The sudden unveiling of the RB16

Red Bull Racing always seem to make the reveal a sudden surprise. We have been given a date, but no specific time. They didn't do this either last season and then suddenly there were the first photos of the RB16 on the team's social media channels. So keep an eye on the news on, because the first images may appear at any time.

Red Bull Racing did, however, announce an event this year in which Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, Alexander Albon and Christian Horner look ahead to the upcoming season. They want to use it to raise money for Wings For Life, so you have to pay to be there virtually. It is therefore unlikely that the car will be shown here for the first time. This event starts at 19:00 and lasts approximately one and a half hours.

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