Perez receives call from Verstappen: "Get to the chopper, Checo"

22-02-2021 16:45 | Updated: 22-02-2021 20:15
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Perez receives call from Verstappen: Get to the chopper, Checo

In a video announcing the renewed Red Bull Racing-Interprotección partnership, new recruit Sergio Perez was given a very intense task by his new teammate. As if he were the Tom Cruise of Formula 1, Perez had to rush to the Interprotección office for a can of Red Bull while running parkour and jumping out of a helicopter. 

It is busy at Red Bull's media department. In anticipation of the unveiling of the new livery next Tuesday, the team published the new team outfits earlier today, and the renewed sponsorship of insurance company Interprotección was also announced. 

This partnership has now been confirmed in the form of a video that appeared on the team's Twitter account this afternoon, in which Verstappen instructs his teammate: "Get to the helicopter, you've got thirty minutes!" On his colleagues' signal, Perez jumps out of the helicopter and descends by parachute towards the headquarters of their new sponsor in Mexico City. 

New design?

The presentation of the Red Bull car in which the two drivers will appear on the grid next season is scheduled for Tuesday. Judging by the designs of the new team kits, the familiar dark blue colour will also feature on the 2021 livery, although the new details on the clothes may also hint at similar changes to the car. We will be able to say for sure on the 23rd.

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