Is Williams the big favourite for the pink livery and BWT's money?

18-02-2021 11:43
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Is Williams the big favourite for the pink livery and BWT's money?

Williams and Haas are reportedly vying for a contract with BWT. The large company that specializes in water is looking for a new partner in Formula 1, and Williams seems to likely to be the one wearing a pink livery in 2021.

Pink in Formula 1

Racing Point was seen with a striking pink livery in Formula 1 in recent years, and that livery was cloaked in those colors by the sponsor BWT. The fact that Aston Martin will bring the green color in 2021 was therefore a major reason for the sponsor to leave. For a while it seemed to be leaving F1 entirely.

However, on Friday it came out that Haas, as well as Williams, are in negotiations with BWT and that the party would look at which option is best. Williams seems to have the best papers at the moment. Williams is still a big name in Formula 1, and has been open to major sponsors on many occasions.

Williams the big favorite?

Where a Mercedes is usually silver and a Ferrari is always red, Williams has been in F1 for years, but there is not one fixed livery. Williams has been seen in different colours over the years. Blue usually returns, but also colors like red, yellow and green came in the livery over the years.

In the first years Williams was mostly seen in white, with some red accents and in 1976 the car was even completely black. In the last years we saw the same. So the car coloured white with the famous stripes of the Martini brand clearly visible on the car, and also the blue of HP and Compaq provided their own unique livery.

Sponsors for Williams

The best example is of course from 1998 and 1999, when the Williams was completely red with the sponsor Windfield on the car. But also yellow and green were seen in the past at Williams. So pink would be a new colour, but with the potential source of revenue Williams could look past that.

In addition, Williams did a film day at the Silverstone circuit on Wednesday, where it operated with a dark blue livery. It turned out to be a test livery, which could mean that the real color could still change. In 2017, Force India's pink livery also debuted only at the first race, after the launch and winter test were run in the team's old colors.

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