Marko angry after postponed vote: 'Agreement suddenly disappeared'

27-01-2021 07:53 | Updated: 27-01-2021 09:59
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Marko angry after postponed vote: 'Agreement suddenly disappeared'

Red Bull Racing will have to wait even longer for a decision on the future of their engines. The vote on freezing engine development was postponed to 11 February, and Helmut Marko is not happy about that.

Red Bull has taken a clear position for 2022. They want to take over Honda's engines, but only if the freeze on engine development is brought forward. However, not all manufacturers are eager to do so and so there is a lot of pulling on all sides. The talks have stalled again.

Talks change direction

On Monday, the teams, FIA and Liberty Media met to discuss the problem, but there was no vote yet. That has been postponed until 11 February, and Marko explains why. ''The agreement we had on Friday suddenly disappeared on Monday. There are now more talks and negotiations'', Marko told

So where the teams seemed to agree before, the schedule is now even further off. It could also be a ploy by the competition. For Red Bull, it is essential to know whether they should develop the engines themselves, but for the competition, it is nice if Red Bull can be held up for a while. ''That thought is not wrong'', concludes Red Bull's chief executive.

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