Bid on the last Ferrari V12 in this unique auction

25-01-2021 19:07 | Updated: 26-01-2021 07:55
Bid on the last Ferrari V12 in this unique auction

The restaurant right opposite the Ferrari factory in Maranello has recently got a new owner. As is usually the case, this means that the old furniture has to be disposed of. Usually, this ends up at a charity shop, but in this case, things are a bit different.

The previous owner of the business, Guiseppe Neri, had a close relationship with Ferrari. Not only with the employees, but also with the drivers and Enzo himself. In over 35 years, he amassed an impressive collection of Ferrari memorabilia, much of which is now being auctioned off.

From postcards to entire front wings

Auction house Artcurial has created a special guide in which all the items from Ristorante Cavallino that are for sale are listed with an explanation and price. Often these auctions involve astronomical amounts of money, but the nice thing is that also 'the ordinary fan' can score a Ferrari item here.

For example, within a price range of a few hundred Euros, there are many posters, model cars, overalls and signed photos for sale. Fans with deeper pockets can also have fun. For example, a Ferrari F1 engine from 1995 is for sale. That was the last year Ferrari still drove with a V12. This one should fetch around 70 to 80 thousand euros.

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