Stroll not impressed by Vettel's arrival: 'I don't expect anything special'

22-01-2021 07:27 | Updated: 22-01-2021 08:53
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Stroll not impressed by Vettel's arrival: 'I don't expect anything special'

Lance Stroll will be joined by Sebastian Vettel when his team changes name in 2021. Under the Aston Martin name, the pressure will only increase, but the Canadian isn't too worried about it.

Criticism of Stroll

The moment Vettel came on the market, it soon became clear that Aston Martin would be interested. Sergio Perez was pushed aside for the four-time world champion, even though he was the better man in 2020. However, Stroll does not feel he has done anything wrong.

''I have never felt that I have taken someone's place away. I believe there is only one way to respond to all the criticism and that is with a good performance on the track. Criticism has never affected me negatively and I will always work in the same way," the Canadian told French AutoHebdo.

No high expectations

With Vettel, Stroll will have an experienced man alongside him, but that doesn't scare him. ''He is experienced and he knows what a team needs to be successful. Personally, I don't expect anything special from him," the son of billionaire Lawrence Stroll is clear.

"The fact that we now have more resources as a team and now go through life as Aston Martin, will not change the DNA of this team. We won't become a top team in one stop. Step one is collecting everything you need and then you have to do something with it'', concludes the man who took pole in the rain in Turkey.

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