Marko has no plan B, increases pressure and threatens Red Bull with F1 exit

21-01-2021 12:08 | Updated: 21-01-2021 17:47
Marko has no plan B, increases pressure and threatens Red Bull with F1 exit

Red Bull Racing have reached an agreement with Honda to use the Japanese engines from 2022 onwards, but the deal is not yet completely certain. The FIA and other teams can still block it, as an engine freeze must first be agreed. Red Bull is putting all its money on that, as there is no plan B.

"The freezing of the engine is once the most important thing," Marko said in an interview with Auto, Motor und Sport. The most difficult part is that Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes all have to make their commitment.

Marko explains position

It is now up to the FIA to say whether there will be a development stop or not. That clarity will probably come next week, but Red Bull's chief executive believes the competition shouldn't block it anyway. Over the last twelve months, the premier class has changed course. There is much more focus on cost-cutting, which is why Marko believes a development freeze on engines is a very good idea. "We have a cost limit. We are also talking about reducing the drivers' salaries. To invest even more in the engines now makes no sense."

But what if no agreement is ultimately put on the table? Then an exit is imminent. "That would mean that Red Bull would have to drastically reconsider its place in Formula 1. That is not blackmail. From pure common sense and cost considerations, an engine freeze is the only way forward with these power sources."

All or nothing for Red Bull

Indeed, there is no plan B present at the Austrian racing stable. "No, there isn't," he said. 

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