It's unreal for Perez: "I still can't believe it"

20-01-2021 18:04 | Updated: 20-01-2021 19:31
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It's unreal for Perez: I still can't believe it

Sergio Perez will sit alongside Max Verstappen in this year's Red Bull, with which the team hopes to have a duo that can further challenge Mercedes. In preparation for the new season Perez has already visited the Red Bull factory, as reported here on GPblog. He has also given an interview in which he discusses his experience, expectations and development.


Driving for Red Bull Racing is a wish of many drivers, just as it is for Mercedes and usually Ferrari. Those are the top teams, after all, and the ones you can actually achieve something with in terms of podiums, victories and championships. However, Red Bull Racing normally works with its own junior pool, which makes recruiting an outsider like Perez unusual.

This also makes for a surreal experience for the Mexican, as it is the last thing he expected. Speaking to Red Bull Racing, he said: "I still don’t believe that I’m here, to be honest. When I put the Red Bull branding on myself, it’s like: ‘wow!’ It’s something I never really considered as an option, you know, because of not being part of the Red Bull program at a young age seems to be critical."

No other choice

But necessity knows no laws and, with young drivers only just coming through but lacking in experience, Red Bull Racing had little choice but to look elsewhere. Of course, with Perez's good results in 2020, it was an easy choice by the end of the season.

"But, things in life," Perez continued, "You end up in places you dreamed of, so it’s a dream come true. Be part of this Red Bull family it’s just amazing. I love the brand so much, I have so much admiration for what they do." Finally, he hopes to have a very good year with his new team, Perez said last: "I just look forward to have a very succesful start and more than that: a very succesful season!"

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