Why Renault chose an Italian in this important position

18-01-2021 14:25 | Updated: 18-01-2021 15:19
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Why Renault chose an Italian in this important position

Luca de Meo is delighted with the signing of Davide Brivio. The Italian has been very successful in MotoGP in recent years and Renault hopes that Brivio will also be of great value in Formula 1. The French team is looking forward to the collaboration.

"Italy is a reservoir of top quality, engineers, mechanics and professionals who have Formula 1 in their DNA. That is why I have chosen an Italian, Davide Brivio, as Racing Director," said De Meo in conversation with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Confidence in Brivio

Brivio was the team boss of Suzuki's MotoGP team until 2020. There are many differences between MotoGP and Formula 1, but Renault does not see that as an obstacle. "It doesn't matter if it's with or with four wheels. He is an excellent professional, he knows the importance of a close-knit team, giving everyone a precise role and he knows how to organise the work," the Renault CEO explained.

Next season, Renault hopes to narrow the gap towards Mercedes and Red Bull Racing in order to score more points. "We want to do better than last year and score more podiums. However, the real challenge for us comes after 2022 with the change in the regulations."

Last year, Renault finished fifth in the constructors' championship. The difference with McLaren, who were third, was nineteen points.

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