AlphaTauri switches to Red Bull's wind tunnel: "Big advantage"

17-01-2021 12:35 | Updated: 17-01-2021 15:06
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AlphaTauri switches to Red Bull's wind tunnel: Big advantage

This season, the AlphaTauri team are switching to Red Bull Racing's wind tunnel. Team boss Franz Tost thinks this is an important step for the team that will benefit them greatly.

More time left in Red Bull's wind tunnel

Due to restrictions on the number of hours teams can use the wind tunnel, Red Bull has the space to let both teams use the same wind tunnel. Red Bull's wind tunnel operates at a sixty percent scale, while Alpha Tauri had to make do with fifty percent.

A big difference, Franz Tost explained to "It's a big advantage to move to a sixty percent wind tunnel. Before, we had to work with fifty percent. A sixty percent tunnel is more accurate and hopefully provides us with more correct data.

"Then comes the second year of the budget cap, which means the top teams can't invest as much money as we can. I'm looking forward to the new regulations, and the cars for 2022. I hope our engineers are able to put all the new parts together as well as possible, so that we can successfully participate in 2022," Tost concluded.

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