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Ricciardo takes Renault to the next level: 'They were not used to success'

13-01-2021 07:49 | Updated: 13-01-2021 09:04
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Ricciardo takes Renault to the next level: 'They were not used to success'

Daniel Ricciardo makes the switch to McLaren in 2021 but can leave Renault with his head held high. With two podium finishes, Ricciardo left the French team much better than how he found it and he is rightly proud of that.

Ricciardo announced prior to the 2020 Formula One season that he would no longer race for Renault in 2021. He would be making the switch to rival McLaren and that was quite something. After Fernando Alonso's announcement, the mood at the factory was somewhat better, but Ricciardo's performance also helped.

Renault makes progress

''I saw a lot more confidence among the staff. Whereas in the beginning I found a timid environment, now there was a feeling of 'we can do it'. That is not meant to be critical, it was just that the team was not used to successes anymore. They hadn't been used to celebrating for a few years, everyone can start to doubt themselves then,'' Ricciardo told Motorsport.com.

''Real success in those two years would have been winning a title, but getting on the podium twice also feels like success. We have benefited a lot from the hard work we put in in 2019. I don't claim all the success, of course, but I've been able to give feedback and try to help where necessary and that has contributed to the success,'' the Australian concludes confidently.

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