Spanish Grand Prix certain of place on 2021 F1 calendar

11-01-2021 18:00 | Updated: 11-01-2021 23:08
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Spanish Grand Prix certain of place on 2021 F1 calendar

Unexpected developments with the coronavirus pandemic aside, it is now clear that the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya has a place on the F1 calendar for 2021. The organisation in Barcelona already had a spot on the provisional calendar, but that was still under reserve.

Formula 1 had already secured a spot for the Spanish Grand Prix on 9 May, but there was no official agreement yet. Formula 1 and the GP promoter in Barcelona reported on Monday that there is now an official agreement.

Returning Alonso and Sainz to Ferrari will help a lot

For the time being, the deal is still a one-year deal, but they are working on more. The circuit says they want to extend their collaboration with F1 for a long time. The return of Fernando Alonso to Alpine and Carlos Sainz to Ferrari has helped to make this deal and will continue to play a role in the future.

The circuit is going to look a little different than we have been used to in recent years. Turn 10 is going to be modified. That is the tight corner at the end of the straight at the back of the circuit. It will be made a bit wider and will look a bit more like the long left-hander that was used here in the past.

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