Marko about deal with Perez: "That's what gave us away"

30-12-2020 16:36 | Updated: 30-12-2020 19:48
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Marko about deal with Perez: That's what gave us away

Sergio Perez will be the new team mate of Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing next year. Before this was announced there were already very strong rumours about the deal. For example, a photo appeared with Perez, embraced by Christian Horner and Helmut Marko.

Curtains gave it away

Observant viewers noted that the curtain of the hotel at Yas Marina could be seen in the background, and that Perez was wearing the same outfit as after the race in Abu Dhabi. This suggested that the three had come together on that day and may even have made a deal.

In conversation with the Mexican branch of, Helmut Marko explains the context of the photo. He explains that it was indeed taken in Abu Dhabi, but denies that a decision had already been made at that time.

"A photo has nothing to do with signing a contract. It was a pleasant get-together and at that moment nothing was one hundred percent definite. We took the photo in case it did become definite. Signatures can be made electronically," says Marko.

Marko hoped to keep the date of the photo a secret

To the question whether the picture was taken on Sunday evening or Monday morning, Marko doesn't want to give a clear answer. "I don't remember exactly. It was a hectic weekend, and the opportunity arose because we were not allowed to leave the hotel because of the Covid-19 regulations."

However, he admits that Red Bull had hoped that no one would notice that the photo was taken in Abu Dhabi, but that the curtains and the clothes of Perez gave it away.

"Perez was wearing the same shirt as when Vettel gave him his helmet. That gave us away more than the curtains," laughs Marko, with which he seems to be saying that the photo was indeed taken on Sunday.

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