Tost does not rule out the departure of Red Bull: 'Mateschitz stands for success'

29-12-2020 08:25 | Updated: 29-12-2020 09:21
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Tost does not rule out the departure of Red Bull: 'Mateschitz stands for success'

Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri are still not sure of a new engine for 2022. Honda is leaving Formula 1 and so Red Bull has to look for a solution. Franz Tost waits in suspense.

In 2018 Toro Rosso took over McLaren's Honda engine with great success. The engine still failed a few times, but as a factory team Toro Rosso experienced a great season. Red Bull Racing also started working with Honda in 2019, but that collaboration will come to an end after 2021. Tost does not rule out the possibility that this could mean the departure of Red Bull.

Red Bull out of Formula 1

''You can't rule that out. One thing is certain: Dietrich Mateschitz and Red Bull stand for success and if Red Bull is not able to win races or compete for the world title because there is no good engine available then I don't rule out Mateschitz wondering where this is going with the sport,'' says Tost to

The departure of Red Bull could also have consequences for his own team. ''It's a big risk for both teams, including AlphaTauri. We have all kinds of collaborations with Red Bull Racing and wouldn't be able to suddenly have to do everything ourselves. That really is a long process,'' concludes the Austrian.

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