Ricciardo finally chooses Leclerc after stories of former teammate

23-12-2020 07:16 | Updated: 23-12-2020 09:10
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Ricciardo finally chooses Leclerc after stories of former teammate

At the end of the season Daniel Ricciardo create a top ten list of drivers together with the In The Fast Lane podcast. After a top three with himself among others, he also surprises with his top five.

Gasly or Leclerc?

Ricciardo has chosen Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and himself for the first three drivers. After the top three, he has to point out a fourth. Charles Leclerc's name falls, but Ricciardo starts to have doubts. There is another name that comes to mind when it comes to 2020.

''At speed, Leclerc certainly belongs there, but sometimes there are still a few mistakes. For a complete season, I might choose Pierre Gasly after all. Charles has more, but if you really look at 2020''. Then I choose Leclerc. ''Put Charles on four anyway and you'll know who my fifth is.''

Forgotten Perez

The appreciation for the Monegasque is also due to a story Ricciardo once heard from Marcus Ericsson, who was a teammate of Leclerc at Alfa Romeo. ''Marcus said something you don't like to say as a driver. He said something that comes down to the fact that sometimes he just didn't really know how he (Leclerc) did it. As a driver, you sometimes do a very strong lap, but then you see that your teammate is three tenths faster and you really wonder how that is possible''.

For the sixth place in the list, one man was forgotten: Sergio Perez. ''This is how crazy 2020 is in my eyes. I think the top seven drivers would deserve first place. Perez is definitely one of them. He has that racecraft on Sunday. I don't know if he's the fastest driver, but on Sunday he's there when it matters'', concludes the Renault driver.

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