Coronel confident Red Bull have made the right choice: There is no other option

Coronel confident Red Bull have made the right choice: "There is no other option"

20-12-2020 07:00

It took a long time for Red Bull to take the plunge and appoint Sergio Perez to replace Alexander Albon at Red Bull Racing. Could that be a sign of doubt within the team?

"I don't think they had any doubts," Tim Coronel told “They just took a good look at all the options, although they may have known inwardly that it would turn out to be this. If you look at the facts. I would always have made this choice as the owner of Red Bull. There is no other option. ”

Was it an option to let Albon stay? "No! You go for the maximum. After the last two races, we actually knew for a long time that this would be the best option. In any case, from a sports point of view."

Negotiations between Red Bull and Perez mainly commercial

According to Coronel, there was no doubt on the driving side. Both Red Bull Racing and Sergio Perez knew this was the best option for them both. The only problems that may have been encountered during the negotiations are likely to do with Perez's personal sponsors.

“Red Bull Racing is a team that has proven itself and you would always want to drive for that. But do you give up your current sponsors there, and Perez had quite a few, do you give that up for that? Or do you know how to reach an agreement with Red Bull that you can also do something with? I think that was the toughest area for Perez. ”

Will we see Albon and Hulkenberg again?

In any case, the whole affair shows that the life of a Formula 1 driver can change quickly. A few months ago, Perez could not have dreamed that he would have a winning car in 2021. "No, but I also don't think he expected to be put aside by Vettel," said a triumphant Coronel.

Perez gets the chance of a lifetime, but for Albon and Hulkenberg their careers seem to be over. Or will we still see them again? “I would like it. Totally Hulkie, I think he's the reserve everywhere at the moment. And if there is something wrong with Perez, Albon will come back if I understand correctly."

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