Hartog is annoyed by Albon: "You're the best in the world"

08-12-2020 11:27 | Updated: 09-12-2020 15:28
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Hartog is annoyed by Albon: You're the best in the world

The Dutch Porsche Racing Driver Loek Hartog does not have a good word about Alexander Albon. Seventeen-year-old Hartog is amazed by Albon's excuses for his team, Red Bull Racing. If you are the best in the world you shouldn't, according to the young talent.

Hartog not to speak about attitude of Albon

The Sakhir GP was again a bad race weekend for the Thai-Brit. Albon qualified outside the top ten and only managed to finish in fifth place. Apologies and reproaches to his team were heard afterwards over the on-board radio.

At the GPblog Undercut Podcast, Hartog said: "First of all, I am getting so worked up about this that he has so many excuses. Lesson one that you learn as a driver, from being in go karts onwards, is: 'You are never going to start to talk about the car'. And especially in F1, not when all teams can listen."

The best in the world should solve that

Hartog continues his story: "I can't stand it if you receive a radio message like 'Yes, I have understeer'. Then you solve it, because you're the best in the world."

Hartog speaks from experience. The Dutchman knows that he wouldn't be taken seriously in his own racing class, the top of GT racing, if he was complaining about his car over the onboard radio like Albon.

An example of how it should be done is shown by George Russell, according to Hartog. The Brit who made the switch last weekend from the slowest to the fastest car: "He has shown this weekend that with a professional attitude you can build a good weekend with a new car."

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