FIA maintains strict rules for qualification of Sakhir GP

04-12-2020 08:45 | Updated: 04-12-2020 10:49
FIA maintains strict rules for qualification of Sakhir GP

It is expected to be a very chaotic qualifying session on Saturday. The Outer Loop of the Bahrain International Circuit is only 3.5 kilometers and with twenty cars on the track, this can create special scenes.

Everyone will be looking for a piece of clean air to put a good round on the clocks. In Q1 all twenty Formula 1 drivers will compete to be in the top 15 drivers who make it through to Q2.

FIA remains critical

Despite confirming they will have more breething room during the practice sessions, they are sticking to the rules in qualifying. "During the practice sessions, we will be a little freer, because they are practice sessions. But during qualifying, the usual elements of unnecessary stopping are simply examined and judged on the basis of the facts," said Michael Masi.

"Driving a short lap does not, in my view, detract from the need not to unnecessarily inconvenience others."

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