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Verstappen is shocked: 'I was quite surprised how long ago that was'

Verstappen is shocked: 'I was quite surprised how long ago that was'

03-12-2020 06:55 Last update: 11:04


For the first time in a long time Red Bull Racing was once again on the podium with two drivers in Bahrain, where they had not been on the podium for years. Max Verstappen is pleased that the team was able to make this step.

Verstappen drove to his tenth podium this season in Bahrain and needed that after a retirement in Imola and a poor performance in Turkey. It was also a good day for Red Bull Racing, as after Sergio Perez's engine failure Alexander Albon moved on to P3 for Red Bull's first double podium since Malaysia 2017.

Verstappen scares of statistics

''Last weekend’s double podium for the Team was a good boost to everyone. How was it? Yeah, it’s been a while since we had a double podium and it was great for everyone in the team. I was pretty surprised how long it’s been and also that it didn’t happen in 2018 as we had a decent package," says Verstappen in the preview of Red Bull.

''That’s what you want as a team and of course at the moment we’re a bit slower than Mercedes but when they make a mistake we need to be there to capitalise and that’s what we did, we both maximised everything we could. Also on my side it was nice to be back on the podium after the last two races didn’t go as planned and now it’s just about trying to finish the season with the best results we can," concludes the Dutchman.

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