Albon predicts: "This will be a tricky one"

02-12-2020 18:46 | Updated: 02-12-2020 19:33
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Albon predicts: This will be a tricky one

After a double podium for Red Bull Racing at the Sakhir circuit last Sunday, the question is whether Christian Horner and Helmut Marko's team can continue this in the second race in Bahrain. However, it remains to be seen how feasible this will be, Alex Albon said in a press release issued by Red Bull. 

This layout is going to be very unique and I believe it will make for some good racing, plus with such a short lap, it will be the most laps we've done in a Grand Prix," Albon said.

Because the Sakhir Outer Ring, where the drivers will be putting down a new layer of rubber this weekend, is shorter and straighter than last week's circuit, engine power will be key. In this, Albon foresees a problem for his team:

“I think it could be more of a challenge for us this weekend because the layout is more power sensitive. I expect with such a short lap the times will be very close so we'll need to ensure we have the car set-up really hooked up.” 

Qualifying will not be without challenges either, the Thai driver predicts: “Qualifying is going to be very difficult in terms of getting a clear lap. There's not much you can really do besides being on your toes and adapting to the situation. Qualifying could be messy but there should be enough time to get a reasonably good lap in. Firstly you've got to get a clear lap in but also not get in someone else's way. It will be tricky out there.”

Chaos, but also sensation

Regardless of the expected chaos, Albon is sure of one thing: It's going to be a sensational race. “Looking back at tracks like Turkey and Mugello, these 'different' kind of tracks tend to make for great races so hopefully that's the case this weekend.”

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