Verstappen: "The blue flags this weekend will be interesting"

02-12-2020 13:05 | Updated: 02-12-2020 14:30
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Verstappen: The blue flags this weekend will be interesting

This weekend the second Grand Prix will take place in the last triple header of 2020 on an alternative layout of the circuit in Bahrain where last Sunday's race took place. Contrary to last weekend's circuit, the alternative circuit is very short and Verstappen expects some difficulties in qualifying.

Short track in Bahrain

"With such a short track it will be difficult to get a clear lap in qualifying," said Verstappen in the Red Bull Racing preview. "Especially with it being about a 54 second lap. I think everyone on track is going to be within 150 metres!"

And that can, of course, create interesting situations.

That's not the only thing, because in the race the blue flag is expected to be shown more than ever and at the same time Verstappen expects the times to be very close together. "I think blue flags and backmarkers will be interesting but lap times should be a bit closer so I don’t expect the gaps to be as big," said the Dutchman.

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