F1 Social Stint | Hamilton is back on the paddock and comes back in style

01-12-2020 09:13 | Updated: 11-12-2020 08:22
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F1 Social Stint | Hamilton is back on the paddock and comes back in style

It's race week again and so the drivers and teams are preparing for the next Grand Prix. In GPblog.com's F1 Social Stint you can find out what the drivers and teams are doing in preparation for the next Grand Prix.

Hamilton is back on the paddock and comes back in style

Lewis Hamilton has returned after a week's absence due to the coronavirus. Of course the Brit does not make his entrance quietly, because the cameras that manage to take a picture of him still show a unique piece of clothing of the seven-time world champion. Let us say that there is a dispute over taste.

Grosjean shows beautiful farewell helmet he can't use now

After his crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Romain Grosjean will not get into a Formula 1 car at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix either. This was most likely his last chance of a race in F1, for which his children had specially designed. Unfortunately, Grosjean is now unable to wear this helmet, but he is happy to share it with all his followers.

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Verstappen takes home special trophy for P3

In 2020, Max Verstappen was very often sitting in the chair you have to sit in if you have achieved P3. Last week, the Dutchman joked that he wanted to take the chair with him at the end of the year. This week Verstappen saw his chance and now he has a new chair for at home.

Sainz and Norris don't change their bio, but they do change their photo

In recent weeks, the bios of Formula 1 drivers have come to light because Valtteri Bottas and George Russell are said to have changed them. At McLaren the drivers might not change their bio, but they will change their picture after a new movie with two dolls.

Red Bull Racing looks in a unique way to see if drivers are still part of the team.

Mercedes came to the attention on Tuesday because George Russell and Valtteri Bottas had changed their biographies on Social Media. Mercedes already cleverly jumped into it by making a joke of it online, but now Red Bull also joins in. They checked with Alexander Albon and Max Verstappen if they still drive for Red Bull.

Brother van Perez has 'all of a sudden' Red Bull refrigerator on the kart track

Antonio Perez, Sergio's brother, has posted a very remarkable message on Instagram. In his story Antonio shows a new fridge, with the Red Bull logo on it in a very large format. After Christian Horner's message, this is already the second hint of Perez coming to Red Bull Racing.

Grosjean already training to be ready for Abu Dhabi

Romain Grosjean still wants to do everything he can to drive his last Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi. The Frenchman still has the bandage on his hands, but is already training to be able to join Haas. The question is whether he will make it, as the race is already next week.

George Russell arrives on track in Mercedes clothing

George Russell arrived at the track today, wearing Mercedes clothing for the first time. He will be in action for Mercedes at the Sakhir Grand Prix, after it became known that Lewis Hamilton must miss it because he is infected with the coronavirus.

New security measures in Bahrain

Between bend 3 and 4 two rows of tire stacks are placed on the right side, and the tire stack on the right side of bend 9 is enlarged and extended. The kerb between bends 8 and 9 is removed.

Grosjean's wife shares photo of reunion with her husband

Romain Grosjean and his wife Marion are finally back together again. Grosjean's wife almost saw her husband go up in flames last weekend after an extreme crash, but can now take her husband in his arms again. It causes a lot of heartwarming reactions.

Alonso returns to Abu Dhabi with his old love

Fernando Alonso will pick up his glory days at the weekend of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. He will then compete in the R25, taking his first world title for Renault in 2005. Alonso will also take part in the Young Driver Test in Abu Dhabi after this weekend and the Spaniard will also be present at Renault's garage in Bahrain.

Russell is already on par with Mercedes engineers

George Russell has much to prepare for the Sakhir Grand Prix. The Brit is this weekend's replacement for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes and has already been spotted at the Mercedes engineers' table. Will Russell impress this weekend as a replacement?

Haas also presents the second driver for 2021 on Wednesday morning

Following the announcement of Nikita Mazepin on Tuesday morning, several sources now confirm that Haas will also announce Mick Schumacher as a driver for 2021 today at 9:00 a.m. Dutch time. This would mean that only the Red Bull seats are still free and the grid for 2021 is already almost filled.

Grosjean has never been so happy to do a squat

Romain Grosjean is probably allowed to leave the hospital today, but he won't do so until he squats in front of the camera with both arms in the bandage. The Frenchman says he has never been happier making a squat.

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Meanwhile also 'breaking news' from Formula 2

Formula 2 has chosen a very special moment to announce their 'breaking news'. Just after Lewis Hamilton tested positive for the coronavirus, they have come with the news that the current eleven teams on the grid will remain on the grid until 2023.

Grosjean makes himself heard again on Instagram!

Romain Grosjean would like to thank everyone for their kind reactions. The Frenchman places a picture of himself with his thumb up from the hospital. That thumb, together with the rest of his arm and hand, is still completely in the bandage.

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