Verstappen understands Gasly: 'Better than chasing after your teammate'

01-12-2020 07:45 | Updated: 01-12-2020 09:11
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Verstappen understands Gasly: 'Better than chasing after your teammate'

Pierre Gasly often lets us know that he is at ease at AlphaTauri and that sometimes things are just a little bit easier there. Max Verstappen understands that, but he prefers to be a Red Bull Racing driver himself.

In 2019 Gasly got the chance to drive for a top team at Red Bull. The Frenchman, however, had to clear the field after six months, because he could not cope well with the pressure at the top team. The gap to Verstappen was huge and Gasly seemed unable to bridge it. Now he is much more in place at AlphaTauri.

Verstappen doesn't want to change places

''The team (AlphaTauri) has changed quite a bit since I last sat there, but if you're the fastest driver there, it automatically becomes a lot more relaxed. That's better than chasing the other driver all the time," says Verstappen at Ziggo Sport's Peptalk programme. However, the Dutchman himself prefers to drive for Red Bull.

''It is difficult to estimate. I find it much more relaxed at Red Bull. I always had a good relationship with the people at Toro Rosso, but most of them left, so I don't know many people anymore. Besides that, as a driver you always want to participate in order to win and be on the podium," concludes Verstappen.

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